So I went out and bought Leopard last Friday when it was released. I even got a free T-Shirt for being one of the first 500 customers at my Apple store. This was the first time I can think of that I ever went out and bought an OS on its release day (or any piece of software for that matter, perhaps aside from a computer game or two). I was worried there might be a long line, but my Apple store was pretty deserted (this was at 8PM). Maybe I just had the right instinct to go to the much smaller store at Stanford Shopping Center rather than the one on University Ave.

Regardless, I installed Leopard the same day, opting for a fresh install instead of an update. The install was very smooth, and about an hour later I had a nice upgraded Leopard system.

There are plenty of in-depth Leopard reviews out there, so I’ll refrain from boring you with another full review (aside from the fact that I haven’t played with Leopard enough to warrant a full review). Instead, here are a few bullet items:

I was originally going to talk about the developer tools and particularly the improved Ruby support, but this post is already getting much longer than I intended, plus I haven’t had a chance to test drive the new RubyCocoa support. So expect a follow-up post on this topic soon.