Up till now I’ve never really gotten that much into social networking applications. I joined Tribe.net about 3 years ago but haven’t really checked in for 2 years. I steered clear of MySpace so far…

But yesterday I went on a bit of a social networking spree and decided to sign up for a few services: Facebook, Bebo (2 former coworkers of mine are at Bebo now), and the recently launched Pownce (I don’t have any more Pownce invites, but you might find this post useful - it worked for me).

I’m not done setting up my profile in all of these sites, and at this point I really don’t know which ones (if any) I will end up using on a regular basis. It’s too early to talk about my initial impressions, but I’ll probably blog more about this topic later.

If you’re reading my blog and want to add me as a friend, please go ahead. I’m “digitalhobbit” in all three sites.