A while ago we decided to move to the Peninsula, preferably somewhere around San Mateo where I work, or surrounding areas like Foster City, Belmont, San Carlos, or Burlingame. We’ll be selling our house and renting for the time being, as I’m not all that confident about the real estate market - at least in the short term. But for some reason things are proving to be a bit more difficult than we were expecting. First of all it is of course hard to find the right place (and I admit that we’re quite picky in that regard). Still, in the past month or so we have filled out 4 rental applications. Unfortunately we have not been successful in either of these cases… I’m not sure what we’re doing wrong. Our credit is excellent and we should have a pretty strong application. Maybe this is simply due to the large amount of competition. Now that interest rates have been rising, it seems like more people that might otherwise consider buying decide to rent, and this trend will probably continue.

Anyway, if you know any good home hunting strategies or have any suggestions for improving our chances to land a place, please let me know. In either case, please wish me luck.