The Typo Theme Contest ended on 11/28, and the final results were posted two days ago. I didn’t win anything, but my humble contribution “opyT” admittedly pales in light of the many awesome themes that were submitted by others.

Most importantly, over 120 Typo themes resulted from this competition! The themes are very diverse, and everybody who is interested in hosting a Typo blog should be able to find at least a couple themes to their liking.

I am still happily running on Wordpress and not in a rush to abandon it, although I am definitely intrigued by Typo. It has come a long way and is now a very capable blog engine. If you are in the market for a new blog engine and have a Rails capable webhost, I strongly encourage you to check it out.

I should also mention that Geoffrey Grosenbach (who also hosts the official Ruby on Rails Podcast), is going to continue maintaining the Typo Theme Contest blog. Although now that there are 120 themes spread across 14 pages of the blog, I hope that somebody writes a Typo theme switcher plugin, or at least a webpage that lists all known plugins on a single page and links to a live preview of the theme, similar to what Alex King did for the Wordpress Theme Competition earlier this year.