For a little over half a year now, I’ve enjoyed owning the top of the line iPod model, the 60GB iPod Photo. Sure, there had been a few interesting new models (such as the iPod Nano), but if you were looking for a large storage model, the 4th generation 60GB iPod Photo was the best you could buy. Apple has now released new iPod models to replace the previous 30GB and 60GB models. I have no idea how they managed to pull this off, but the new iPods are significantly slimmer and lighter. The width of the 60GB iPod was reduced from 0.75" to 0.55" (less than the previous 30GB model!). The weight has been reduced from 6.4oz to 5.5oz. These alone are some pretty impressive improvements! Additionally, Apple has increased the size of the color screen from 2" to 2.5". It pretty much takes up the full width of the iPod now. And while I’m not fully aware of the exact specs, it appears that (as many people have predicted), the new iPod supports video in addition to photos. Like the iPod Nano, it now comes in both white and black. Last not least, the battery life was increased by 33% from 15 hours to 20 hours.

Very impressive! Good thing I’ve been a geek for long enough to be used to the rapid pace at which new gadgets become obsolete… Still, it was nice to own the top of the line model while it lasted. ;)