I haven’t tried it yet, but it is possible to set up Linux as an iTunes server, allowing any Windows or Apple machines on the network running iTunes to browse and play any music on that server. This sounds ideal for me, as my music collection lives on my desktop PC that usually runs Linux, while my wife and I often use our wireless laptops. This should even allow us to easily sync music to out iPods, albeit over the relatively slow 54Mbps wireless connection (which is why I usually just hook up my iPod to my desktop for this purpose). My alternative solution would have been to simply access my music library using a Samba share, but exposing it as an iTunes server sounds like a much better solution.

The two main components that are required in order to set this up are:

Here are the instructions for setting up an iTunes server on Gentoo Linux. Sounds pretty straightforward, so this might be my next weekend project.