I just moved the Subversion repository that I created on my Windows box some time ago over to my Gentoo box (actually the same box, just a different dual-boot OS, now that I’m phasing out Windows in favor of Gentoo Linux). This was a very smooth operation, and I’m pretty impressed with the way Gentoo’s Apache configuration already accounts for Subversion (which is generally exposed as a WebDAV repository using an extension of the Apache mod_dav module). The configuration file to integrate Subversion with Apache already exists in the “/etc/apache2/conf/modules.d/” folder and only needs to be slightly adjusted according to the desired location of the Subversion repository.

There’s also a very helpful Gentoo / Subversion HOWTO on the Gentoo Wiki.

Now whether I actually end up using my Subversion repository for any projects is a different question… I tend to start new hobby projects every once in a while, but I rarely end up completing these… :)