Here is a Great article on Gentoo Linux. It includes a lot of information about Gentoo’s package management system, including an overview of how to build your own or customize existing ebuild files. It also has some very interesting points on how a corporate environment could benefit from Gentoo, which is different from the usual preconception about Gentoo being better suited as a desktop OS.

Of course most of the comments by other users on that page degrade into the usual Linux distro flame wars, but there are some interesting ones. In particular, one comment pointed me to Vidalinux, which I had not previously heard of. It is based on Gentoo and sounds like this is essentially Gentoo Linux wrapped with Redhat’s Anaconda installer and a bunch of standard desktop applications. Not a bad idea, as Gentoo’s somewhat daunting installation process is certain to scare many users who could otherwise benefit from the many nice aspects of this distribution.