I saw VNV Nation in San Francisco yesterday, and I have to say that it was a great show - especially considering that apart from the live vocals and a little bit of live drumming, which was more for show than for actual percussion, there was no live music to speak of. Still, the two band members vere very charismatic, and particularly the singer put on a great show and really managed to engage the crowd. In fact, he seemed more like a stand up comedian than a singer. Humour is rare enough in the electro / industrial scene, so this was very refreshing.

The other act was Coder23, a Live DJ side project from two of the Front 242 guys. I am still not sure exactly what they did on their two Apple laptops, but the result wasn’t too bad, if a little too close to Techno for my taste. Certainly entertaining, and the two definitely looked like they were enjoying themselves.