There is a free book on Subversion version control. I have not had a chance to look at Subversion yet, but I am planning on upgrading my CVS installation at home (which I am keeping out of principle more than anything, as I don’t actually do all that much development at home these days) to Subversion..

Before my current job, I actually had not used CVS for about 5 years, as my previous companies used Visual Source Safe, StarTeam, and Perforce. Overall, StarTeam is my personal favorite, followed closely by Perforce. It has however been refreshing to use CVS again at my current job (although we are soon going to migrate to Perforce), as CVS is generally a very solid version control system. Unfortunately it is quite dated and has a few quirks, such as the inability to rename or move files, and the inability to version directories. Subversion addresses these and many other issues and otherwise remains similar to CVS, so it should be well worth checking out.

(via Photo Matt)