I did a little more research on the upcoming Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy movie. Apparently, they have started shooting last month, things are going well so far, and the movie is scheduled to be released mid-2005. The cast looks interesting as well. Martin Freeman, who is known from his role as Tim in The Office, plays the part of Arthur Dent, which I think is a brilliant casting. Sam Rockwell as Zaphod should be good as well. I am somewhat unsure about Mos Def as Ford Prefect, mostly because I, probably like many other fans of HHGG, have certain preconceived notions about how Ford Prefect should look, based on the books as well as the BBC series. But while a black Ford Prefect may initially seem odd, Mos Def may very well pull it off. Another nice touch is that apparently Marvin’s voice will come from Stephen Moore, who already lent Marvin his voice in the original BBC series.

On a related note, a few days ago was Towel Day. Maybe I’ll remember it next year…

Last not least, always remember:

don't panic